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First week of AUD and I am already behind

My first week of CPA study has been good so far. I have been watching the CPA online course lecture, reading the material in the homework book, and then answering theCPA exam homework multiple choice questionand getting over 80% on the first try.  I added the reading this time; it is really helping the material stick.  Another change for this time is that I am checking the answers for each question as I answer it, giving me immediate feedback.  If I have a concept wrong in my head, that fixes it right then, and I don’t get the next few MCs wrong.  In the homework book, I am marking the MCs that I got wrong and the ones I was unsure about, to review before the test.

I need to adjust my study plan.  I am behind by 6 hours due to unplanned interruptions and I know I am going to lose a minimum of 6 hours next week.  As I said in the previous blog, I can get up early to catch up and plan to do that twice this week.

I am going to review my schedule as well to maximize some unused time.  I have two days a week that I am in waiting rooms for 2 hours in the morning.  The way the schedule is mapped out, I start my study day watching a lecture, then study for 2 to 3 hours.  Last week, I didn’t have the timing down to maximize this time and ended up wasting some of that time.  This week I will get up early (before 4 am) on those days to watch the video before I leave, then I can review the homework book and complete the MC questions while I am waiting.

I currently do not have weekend study time scheduled and I am not going to change that.  I can use the weekend as catch up, if I get behind.  I do not study my best if I am worrying about staying on track.  Having this cushion time will give me assurance that I can concentrate on the studying, and not worry about how much time I have left for each section.

If it seems that I am concentrating on the timing and scheduling of my study time, I am.  I believe Roger from Roger CPA Review Course said in one of his lectures that the CPA Exam is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  I am more of a sprinter, and have to change my mind set to be more of a marathoner.  If I had kept track of my study schedule, I am sure I would have passed AUD last time.

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