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There was many of time where I felt like I just wanted this testing to be over, actually most of the time. I almost gave up so many times, because the stress of not passing, that taste of failure, that hearing of your family shock and knowing you didn’t pass will drain your bank account down further and extend that time clock of when you can finally close your books and say you’re a CPA. Fail, Fail, Pass, Fail, Pass, Pass…and hopefully in May another Pass will be coming my way. Each fail I would say something to the affect well if I don’t pass this next one I’m giving up, screw it! Luckily I started passing or who knows where’d I be.

I can see why people throw in the towel, sometimes even the best of prizes aren’t worth the effort. Like I would love to have a supermodel body but even if I wasn’t studying I doubt I’d work out 5xs per work 1.5 hours each day actually busting it out.

I see the end of this road in site and new roads starting and hopefully I can find the motivation and the will to get FAR done and be ready in time to at least get that 75 on the 2nd try. I feel more nervous and more distant this time from the test, more so b/c it’s my last and b/c it was July last year I last took it. Most of the material has been forgotten.

Just remember when you’re having a day where you just want to give up just keep repeating “just keep swimming” b/c we can do this.

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