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I cannot believe that my score took so long to post on NASBA.  I kept checking all morning, but I had to leave for an appointment at 10:45 am. I was able to check e-mail but not check NASBA for the score until after 7 pm. I was home before that, but wanted to eat, because if I didn’t pass, I knew I wouldn’t eat for a while.  After dinner, I checked my score and ……  I passed.

My score was lower than expected.  I thought it would have been in the 90’s, but as long as it was 75 or better, it really doesn’t matter.  I want to look at the student performance report, I believe the task based simulations was a weak point for me, and I want to know if I am correct so I will know for the next section.

I am very excited that I passed, and feel that I owe the passing grade to Roger CPA Review, as his program helped me so much.   I don’t know that I would have continued if I had not passed this time.  We give up so much studying for the CPA test not to mention the cost; I was going to have some serious soul searching to determine if I wanted to give up time with my family to take the same section again.  Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that now, but it does put pressure on me to pass the other 3 the first time. 

This experience has taught me the way to success is to stick to your study plan, don’t get behind in your schedule, and plan appropriately.  I believe the first time I sat for AUD and didn’t pass I did not have a plan / schedule that would work for me; I got behind and played catch-up, felt pressured the entire time I was studying and did not feel confident in the material.  If you have no other obligations or priorities a standard schedule will work, but that does not work for everyone, as each person has different priorities and having a family makes timing an issue for me.  Now I have to figure out my schedule for the next section of the CPA exam that I plan to take, FAR.  I will take Roger CPA review schedule and modify it to fit me.

Stay tuned to find what that schedule will be.…

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