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Hello fellow future CPA’s.  I’m Bridget, the matriarch on the left and surrounded by a few of the reasons that I can get distracted from my FAR studies.  Like many of us in these crazy times, I continued to be plagued with events that wreak havoc with my study plan.  In the last month, I was laid off from my job, fought through the stomach flu, and spent most of last week with my 90 year old mom, who ended up in hospital with chest pains.  She now is in a skilled nursing facility, while she rehabs and gets some concentrated physical therapy to combat some of her weakness she has been fighting.  I hope to move her back into her assisted living, but she probably will need a higher level of care.  I also started the process of garnering a living trust for what is left of her assets, so she can start receiving her surviving spouse veterans’ benefits, as the higher level of care needed, the more expensive care becomes.

With my exam date approaching and many MCQ’s and TBS to conquer, I am starting to panic.  In addition, my FAR studies suffered many stops and delays, which is not good for any section of the CPA exam, but especially hurts FAR preparation, simply because there is so much material to remember.  I passed REG the last window of 2011, but I definitely have not been able to duplicate the concentrated effort I put in on that exam.  What I do like about Roger’s lessons, are the bite size lessons, which help me use what little time I have let before exam date to my best advantage.  I can complete a quick viewing of a section or two between each crisis.  I hope to finish up next week with more study production, but who knows what is going to happen next?  Well, it’s back to all those 124 MCQ’s on Governmental Accounting.  Good luck everyone and happy studying!

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