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Wow, has it been a month since my last post already?!  Time sure has flown... I better start my 2012 Christmas list soon! ;)

So as the title indicates, I expect to break the 100-hour studying mark for FAR tonight.  My FAR exam is officially scheduled for Monday, Feb 27th at 9:00AM (wish me luck!).  I have mostly stuck to the studying plan outlined in previous posts, with some very minor variations.  I began my studies on Saturday, January 7th, so it has been exactly 1 month since my start.  I have been following Phil Yaeger's recommended study schedule; I study 2hrs/day Mon-Thu, take Friday off, then study 6hrs/day each of Saturday and Sunday.

The Yaeger FAR videos took me about 3 weeks to get through; I finished them on Sunday, January 29th.  Right now I am working back through the recommended MCQs, which I hope to finish by this Sunday, February 12th.  That will give me exactly 1 week to do the CRAM videos, and will leave me with 1 final week to review rough spots and wrap things up for my exam on the 27th.

So obviously the math doesn't work out... 20hrs/week * 4.5 weeks is not 100 hours.  Fortunately, I will have you know that I'm NOT cheating.  I have been studying on average slightly more than 20hrs/week.  The hours I have been logging are the exact hours I've been spending studying at home.  I have also been spending some time on my lunch breaks working through the material, so my actual study time is probably closer to 25hrs/week.  But all of that is irrelevant anyway, right?  After all, the exam tests knowledge, NOT the number of hours you studied!  Sure, sure, but it's probably better to overstudy than to understudy. ;)

In working the Yaeger recommended MCQs and as I keep moving through the CPAReviewForFree material, I have been taking the time to mark questions I'm unsure of or get wrong, so that when I finish I can go back through and make sure I understand the reasoning behind them.  Throughout school I always learned best through hands-on practice and not so much from listening to lecture, so I feel like I have gained a lot from working these questions.  It's all coming back to me! :)

But that's enough of my babble for now, I need to get on the Statement of Cash Flows material now and keep the ball rolling!

So tell me, how would you spend your last 3 weeks before the FAR exam?  Do you think my work so far and my plan for the future is a good one, or is there something else I should consider?  Thank you in advance for all feedback!


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Comment by CPA Exam Club on February 13, 2012 at 8:41am

Yeah!  Keep at it!!!!

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