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Entry #4 - Can't buy me love and can't buy me time...!

Well, here I am among all you brilliant CPA is one of many hurdles to the CPA finish line.

In my case, I'm in my 50s starting a second career after 25 years in high-tech.  Around 2004, I went back to school at night and completed half of the requirements mostly in General Business and considering getting a masters in business finally.  However, it couldn't surpass the extensive experience I had in marketing, business development, and sales.  When I again went back to school at night in 2010, I was encouraged to gain my CPA Certification as I was excelling in Audit, Intermediate Accounting and later in Advanced Accounting.  However, no one mentioned the challenges of passing that darn CPA exam....and really it is 4 exams that are more challenging than ever with 7 SIMs and three timed testlets in the case of FAR, AUD and REG.  BEC is the "easier" one but how many people loved Cost Accounting?

In my case, I'm attempting to pass all 4 exams as a "one-hit wonder. I'm a California CPA Candidate, and hoping that the law is "adjusted" so that those that pass in 2013, will be grandfathered in and not have to meet the additional 20 semester credits in Accounting and 10 additional credits in Ethics and Business.  Otherwise, I'll be facing a third round of night classes--or maybe I'll have to reconsider that Masters option.  

Studying for FAR is daunting.  I have never had to take over 5-years of classes and excel all within a 4-hour period or wait till the next test round.  Everyone indicated that FAR was the best one to take first and I dived in....Now I'm lost in details and wondering how I will absorb all before my end of May exam date.  I've been using CPAexcel...239 sections to reach the top of their mountain.  They believe in knowing the concepts and breakdown each problem by doing the proper journal entries...however, I frankly need some good infamous Roger Mnemonics to keep this all in my head...and also a little more pep in the lecture series would be helpful after the midnight study sessions...and a little Roger dance..! 

I found that I needed to be more conscious on speed during the timed exam questions so I signed up for brain games.  It has been helpful and I recommend it to others.  It's impact is subtle but I'm noticing I can studying longer and am able to focus more on the tough questions.

A colleague from my night classes is a Roger fan and has shared some of the more humorous memory tips in our coffee mutual pep talk sessions.  So I'm hoping that I win the Rogers Review Course.  I'm looking for the best option to thread this needle in 2013 as a successful "one-hit wonder" in the CPA exams!  Go CPAers and good luck in your exams in April and May.

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Comment by Niusha H on May 4, 2013 at 11:27pm

I bet with your determination and knowledge you will be a one hit wonder in 2013!  Thanks for sharing that CPAexcel breaks down each problem into journal entries... I've been looking for a resource that does that to help wrap my brain around all the details.  I'm studying FAR with Roger CPA Review, too, and love his pep dance, Mountain Dew and big picture teaching, too!

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