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Easily Distracted and Losing Confidence

This discussion took place in the Motivation, Goals & Rewards thread. Hopefully it will help others pull through and gain confidence in their studies.

CPA Chaser:
Hello Forum, It's been some time. I post occasionally on this forum, but I visit all the time. What I like the most is the encouragement. I'm calling on the forum for assistance on how to stay focused because I am losing confidence over this exam. I am so easily distracted. I try getting up at 4am, working out the stress of the exam at gym, do some problems, study, etc. I've failed REG, I failed FAR, I retook FAR in Aug....I believe I failed again (haven't gotten score yet). I didn't finish sims and believe I did horribly on multiple choice...I feel this way because 1) The testlets didn't get harder, 2) I looked up some of the answers. So, my thought process is to continue to study FAR and try to sit at the end of October. I would like to sit for BEC in November. Anyway, as I've been trying to study for the last couple of weeks, I am not retaining, and my studying seems to get interrupted by random internet queries, quick view of the TV, frequent peeks out of the window to see why dog is barking, etc. I've tried changing the venue to study in conference rooms at work. I'm still distracted by the internet, hunger, or phone calls. I know I can do this, I want to do this, but I'm falling short every time I get a failing grade. It doesn't help that studying has helped me gain 13lbs :-(. either. (That's why I incorporated workouts this go around) However, I feel like that I could be doing more studying why I am at the gym which stresses me out more. I am seeking any advice on how to become more focused or how to increase my confidence on passing this exam? Thanks for listening.

CPA Chaser - First off, I understand that this exam is often times frustrating, exhausting, and a constant battle between motivation and disappointment. It seems that a lot of times we take three steps forward and two steps back... just to realize later that you don't know as much as you thought you did.

A few words of encouragement.... you said "I know I can do this, I want to do this..." This shows you that the will to pass is definitely there, and this is what separates the people who pass from the people who give up. Do not EVER give up.

Because you've visited this website a lot, those who took this test over and over and over again... each time having to deal with exactly what you're dealing with. But what makes their story exceptional is that they had faith in themselves, they decided that failure was not an option, and they made adjustments to their study schedule/program.

For you, as you said you're easily distracted by the internet, phone, TV, etc., I'd suggest you study somewhere where there isn't a TV, you can turn off your phone (and leave it somewhere other than where you study so you won't be tempted to check it), and a place where you are far away from the internet. Lock yourself in a room with only food, water, and your study material. If you're studying online, maybe you should try just using your book instead. That way you won't be tempted to check your email or get distracted. My first thought was the library, but there are computers everywhere and you probably can't bring in food. Also, the whole workout thing is an excellent idea! I bought audio CDs for BEC and AUD (since they are the most conceptual) and listened to them while I worked out (and in the car).

I think the most important thing to remember is that YOU WILL PASS. It just might take you several times for each test. That's nothing to be afraid of or feel ashamed of if it takes you longer than others. When you pass, you pass! None of your clients will ask you how many times you passed the test, they will just want to know that you are a CPA. Also, if you didn't pass, that means you don't know the material as well. You want to be the kind of CPA that knows their stuff, so be that person, know what you're talking about... and if it takes several attempts to learn the material, than that will only make you a better CPA.

Also, I read a really good book (right before I started studying for the exam) called, "You Can Pass the CPA Exam – GET MOTIVATED” by Debra R. Hopkins (3rd edition). It comes with a CD too. I thought it was very motivational and it really helped me put the exam into perspective. You might want to give it a try and see if it helps.

Now get off CPAnet and go study!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

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