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CPA License Must Be Difficult to Attain

Hello Fellow CPA Candidates:


I've read these forums about the many issues we encounter in our journeys in becoming CPAs.


While i do agree there is area for improvement with adminstering the exam, there's something that I have come to believe: the CPA license must be difficult to attain. This doesnt mean it has be impossible to attain but difficult to a certain extent. 


The tests taken to acquire the CPA license cannot be too easy because the license becomes a joke and, more importantly, devalued in the market. There is a reason why we stride to become CPAs despite the obstacles that seem to cunningly conspire against us. The three letters in our resume CPA actually mean something. The credibility of Accountants/Accounting while shaken in recent years, in my opinion, is still strong. If it wasnt, none of us would bother to become involved in Accounting in any form. Let us not ignore the elephant in the room, while not a guarantee, the CPA license does highly increase the possibility of higher salaries in our careers.


Whatever it is that motivates you to sit for the CPA, to study endless hours about topics you'll never see again, to miss birthday parties, celebrations, and festivities of all kind, time away from friends and family, frustration and emotional draining after receiving a score of 74, missing an easy question on a practice exam or even worse, in the real exam, there is a reason why you and I do this: the CPA matters. However, the only way the CPA can matter is if wasnt a joke, if it actually took hard work and dedication to attain it, in other words, if it was difficult to attain...and it is.


So for all the frustration in our journeys to becoming CPAs that rises from the difficulty of just trying to qualify to take the exam, getting the study materials, studying, the nervous wreck we become right before taking the test and during the test, it is for this very difficulty that makes the CPA license matter. So you see...the CPA license must be difficult to attain!

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Comment by CPA Exam Club on December 22, 2011 at 11:11am

Ann Kummer I agree with this blog wholeheartedly.  If it was easy, more would do it for the money, though money is not all in this profession.  It IS attainable for those who want it bad enough and are willing to put in the time and energy to making it happen.  Good luck to all who are currently studying for the next testing cycle!
Tuesday at 4:19am ·

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