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My collection of CPA Exam Materials are starting to remind me of a collection of home exercise videos. I buy them with the intention of using them regularly. The content being similar, but being explained or executed in various ways. It's really about finding the kind of method or medium that works for you.

I've used Becker Self-Study in the past and they've expired before I can get through the material from the time I purchased them, not actually from the time I installed them on my computer and began using them. (I can admit that I am still kind of bitter about that, even though it was my fault I didn't read the rules carefully to redeem the Becker Promise). I now use the books just as a reference. I found myself spacing out through some of the lectures and realized watching recorded screenshots of my book and watching someone talk was not very effective. I was only absorbing maybe 40% of the content.

For my multiple choice practice questions, I use the Wiley Test Bank when I'm in front of a laptop and CPA Review for Free when I'm on my iPad. I found using these materials to be the most cost effective and a lot more accessible when I have free time to study. I don't have to worry about if I have the Becker Passmaster installed to view the lectures if I'm using my boyfriend's computer when I'm at his house, at work, at home, at my friend's house, when I get a new computer. I can listen to the lectures through my laptop, phone, iPad. I can pull up the Wiley Test Bank on any computer with an internet connection or download practice questions, if I would like to do them offline. 

I hope this information helps someone out there who is short on time and money.


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