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I find myself procrastinating or feeling unsure if I really want to take the Exam.  I can easily afford the fees, and have the time to study (not working).  But I feel like after I pay them, I might change my mind and not want to take it at all.  I would hate to lose the money (by not taking it or having a halfhearted attempt and failing) even though it's nothing for me.  So I guess I have cold feet.  Any thoughts?  Should I just schedule it and see what happens? - AcctDude00


My advice is not to just "schedule it and see what happens." unless you study for this test you will fail (esp FAR). its not a test you can just halfass, in my experience. FAR is way harder than any of my masters program exams - not necessarily because the material is that much harder, but because of the stunning amount of material you have to know. respect it enough to put in the time and work, otherwise, save your money.  that being said, it is passable. here's how: get yourself a review program, set up a schedule and stick to it (no excuses) - then take the test.  since you're having problems motivating, you might try whichever test would be easiest for you (for me that was BEC since i already have an econ background) .. that way you wont have to study as much, and if you pass it will motivate you to tackle the more difficult sections. - sandypants


Your story sounds just like mine.  Just when I would find some motivation, the mountain seemed too steep.  I rememberd back to grade school, when the teachers would tell me, Darius, when you get to middle school, they are not going to put up with your... I got to middle school and they put up with my.... and more! But the middle school teacher's said, Darius, when you get to high school, they are not going to put up with your... I did get away with it, and more! but the high school teacher's would say, Darius, if you go to college, you will never get away with stuff like that... Guess what, i got away with it in college too but the college advanced accounting professor said, on the CPA Exam, you are not going to be able to do that, and you know what, he was right!  - cpaexamtutoring

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