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I have high expectations - of myself and others.  I also have high standards and believe that the basics of life are vital to enjoying a full life - good sleep, whole food (no processed convenient junk), an active lifestyle and time to play and forge meaningful relationships.


With the CPA exam on my list of goals, it has been a journey to learn to look at it as a "hobby", keeping in mind that it's what I want to spend my time on as well as something that will feel unbelievably exhilarating upon achieving.  Learning to turn off the guilt and making sure to take a small step towards my goal daily has been important; as has learning that life happens and some days are just going to be a challenge.  I am proud that every day I wake up and pursue my plan as best I can.  I continue to contemplate how to improve my life plan and achieve the goals I've set.


I have to consistently ask what is the best course of action - modern times have resulted in infinite choices that our ancestors did not have to face.  Thanks to Martha Beck, I realize that the women who came before me did not have 30 different toothpastes and 10 different apples to choose from; they were not faced with staying up late to study versus resting because the sun had already set; they did not ask how they could do laundry, grocery shop, cook and feed, exercise, pack 15 balanced lunches and 6 dinners a week, volunteer within community, primary caretaker of young children, and look presentable while putting in 30 hours to their career goals and putting their close relationships to the side.  These are modern dilemmas and there is no right answer, but every day and week I do my best to figure it out and progress is made using as a study guide, teacher and for MCQ drills.


What do you do to simplify your life every week while the CPA exam demands you focus 25-30 hours of your attention so you will pass?  How do you stay healthy?  Or, get good sleep?

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