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I decided to create a post because I was thinking to myself how I wish life came with warning signs like the roadway. Going up that mountain and enjoying the beauty, we sometimes forget that we have to come down. Thanks for those signs that tell the grade of the road and where we can go if we lose control of our car. I feel now that I am too focused on my destination that I don't notice the signs ahead such as "slow down!!" or "road crossing ahead!!". Qualifying now to take my CPA exam in my state, I feel under pressure to get it done, even though I have two courses left in my Master's program. Is this my "slow down" sign. Could we all feel that we need to get this done and out of the way? Let me know your feeling; how fast or slow do we need to get it done? Will taking it slower then the speed we are currently traveling allow us to arrive at our destination in better shape mentally and financially?

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Comment by Alicia B. on March 30, 2013 at 10:53am

Great post!  I think that taking it slower than the speed that we want to travel or currently travel is good advice.  My first two weeks of studying for the CPA exam, I studied 50 hours a week and never took a day off.  I realized that I had to slow down.  I have to force myself to take a day off each week and keep the hours around 40.  All of us will get to our destination; CPA finished, and job opportunity started.  it's beneficial to remember to smell the roses along the way and take time for relaxation every week.  Good luck in your exams!

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