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AUD Exam: The Aftermath | Tired Pup's CPA Exam Journey

Hello CPA Exam Club Buddies!!

I hope that studying is going well for all of you! It has been a week since my AUD exam, and even though everyone tells me not to do this (including myself), it has been extremely difficult not to obsess over two things: the experience itself; and my resulting fate (success or failure).

Why do we do this to ourselves?!? It is maddening! I know that this attempt at the AUD exam instantly became water under the bridge at the very second that I clicked on “End Exam”. AND, I know that I no longer have ANY control over my results. However, it continues to haunt me, and it has been a real everyday battle to control my worry & anxiety and think “happy thoughts”.

When my friends and family have asked me how I think that I did, I really don’t even know how to begin to answer because the truth is that I felt great about some aspects of it and not so great about others… and far as whether or not I think I passed or failed, …I feel that anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

Someone wise once told me that letting go of things in our past is not to be thought of as a “one time kind of thing”, but instead a decision that we have to make continuously everyday, and sometimes all day, over and over and over again… So, today I am going to start making that decision. After this blog post, I am not going to continue to allow myself to talk about it, write about it, or waste anymore precious time and energy thinking/worrying about it until I get my results. Now, I do realize that this will be easier said than done, but I feel like somehow writing it and seeing it in print will help me hold myself accountable for it.:)

In an attempt to distract myself this week, I have forced myself to continue moving forward.  On Monday, I spent most of the morning organizing my materials and planning my review for the BEC exam. I promptly began “working my plan” (studying) that same afternoon, and I haven’t really slowed down since. (Not that I have much time to waste anyway, because I am scheduled to sit for the BEC exam on April 2nd! LOL) Even though I have been working hard all week, and some may argue that I am still doing more of the same (studying), I must admit that it has been kind of nice and refreshing to start working on something new (or more specifically – > something not related to auditing). I’m sure that this feeling will be short-lived, however I will enjoy it while it lasts. :)

How do you guys feel after an exam? What are your responses when people ask you how you think that you performed? How do you distract yourself while waiting for your scores? Do you have specific rituals and practices in order to “move on” and “let go” after an exam? I’d love to hear about your experiences or your thoughts, insight and advice…

I hope that all of you have a great day, and I wish you all the best in your own exam preparations.


Tired Pup


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Comment by Tired Pup on March 2, 2013 at 6:46pm

Thank you all for the comments and kind words. It is so nice to finally have the opportunity to discuss things with new friends who honestly understand, and can actually relate to, my thoughts and feelings (when it comes to preparing for and passing this exam). I sincerely appreciate you all. :) 

Comment by Memmy29 on March 2, 2013 at 4:05pm
Hope you did great. Just took BEC on Thursday and the wait is killing me. Hopefully I only have FAR left...but it'll be the third time. I'm so freaked out!
Comment by Richa Srivastava on March 2, 2013 at 1:15pm

Great post.. I need to master this art.. I just can't get back to studying for the next exam before I get the previous results. 

Comment by Tired Pup on March 2, 2013 at 11:31am

Thank you CPAnet!! I really appreciate your encouragement and support... :)

Comment by CPA Exam Club on March 2, 2013 at 11:24am

Great post Tired Pup, rooting for you.  Way to hit BEC!!  ;-)


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