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I have been too busy to be anxious about the exam results.  With my study schedule, and family responsibility, I had ignored the house, so I had deep cleaning to do before my husband’s homecoming.  After he got back I have been helping prepare my mom to move.  I have been on the go and not even thinking about the CPA exam results until tonight.  The house is clean, my husband is home and I have done all that I can to move mom until moving day.  Now I have a bunch of butterflies living in my stomach. 

I normally don’t look at the results until the release date, but a friend posted on Facebook that she passed.   Since then I have checked NASBA 4 times in the last hour and a half, and my results are not posted yet.  As I don’t have any pressing personal issues to keep my mind busy, I am sure that I will not sleep much tonight in anticipation of the results. 

I have been thinking about what I will do if I don’t pass.  Roger CPA Review gave some good tips for retaking the CPA,  even though I haven’t gotten my score yet, I read it. One of the items it mentions is the candidate performance report.  I didn’t realize it was attached to the e-mail when you get your result by e-mail.  The attachment includes a candidate performance report.  It would have been helpful to see that before taking AUD this time, as I would have known where I was weak, and study that area.  Hopefully I will not need to use that tactic in the future.

I am very nervous about these results (I have checked NASBA 5 more times).  I will have a hard decision to make if I do not pass AUD this time.  I am not sure I want to put more time and energy into the CPA exam.  I was only 2 points away last time, so I am sure that I did much better this time, but as I have heard from others, you never know.

I will let you know tomorrow how I did….

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