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I've purchased my multi-colored pens, highlighters and sharpie felt tip markers, mechanical pencils, lead and ring bound index cards.  I've organized my binders, drawn up an ambitious study schedule with careful planning of each section.  Without a formal review package yet purchased, I've gone online and downloaded various articles and bookmarked youtube videos covering the first planned section:  Standard Setting.  My schedule listed tonight as the first night of studying, with a planned 4 hours from 6 pm to 10 pm. 


And then I got a call while at work!  My mother, who has lived with me since my father passed away in 2010 and has Advanced Progressive MS of the brain was ill and required me to go home right away and bring her to the hospital.  I hated to be selfish at such a time and felt tremendous guilt when the thought crossed my mind "and I was going to study tonight!".  I quickly drove home. After making sure that she was not requiring an ambulance got her ready for the trip to the hospital and on the way out I grabbed my laptop and notebook.  I would be completely surprised if any trip to the emergency room would be completed in less than 6 hours and was not disappointed. But all was not lost, I had my trusty laptop and although I did not have my pretty pens with me I only really needed 1 and a simple 1 subject notebook. 


Pulling up a chair while she slept I reviewed the downloaded articles on the history of Standard Setting, did you know that the 1933 Securities Act did not establish the SEC?  That body was established with the 1934 Securities Exchange Act.  I might have known that at one point but that knowledge had long since gone!  I also learned that although the SEC delegated its responsibility for setting Accounting Standards it did not delegate the authority.  Who knows, that could be a potential trick question.  In total I was able to put in a solid 3 hours of studying while at the emergency room.  Mom is okay and settled, it's almost midnight and I really have to get some sleep for work tomorrow; it's a little difficult to get the brain to slow down after so much drama.


I'm hoping tomorrow nights study session can be a nice, boring, quiet time but at least I know if it isn't, I will adjust.


Happy studying everyone!

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Comment by Niusha H on April 10, 2013 at 12:41pm

Impressive way to juggle it all and look at the bright side of things.

Comment by CPA Exam Club on March 18, 2013 at 9:03pm

Great job Charlene, way to go!  Trying to stay productive in your studies while life throws you curve balls can be very hard, but it sounds like you have it figured out.  Way to dive into your new habit...the habit of studying for the CPA Exam!

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