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After 15+yrs....taking CPA Exam. Help, Please!!!

I am currently tentatively planning to take BEC (1st week of July 2013) and REG (last week of Aug 2013) part of the CPA exam.

That said, I graduated with Acct'g degree 15+years  ago.  I have not touch acct'g since graduation.  However, I have been working in Finance/Banking industry.

My thinking was to slowly get back into accounting and the CPA exam. Hopefully, if I can start out with a sucess in either part, it will give me confidence to tackle the rest of the exam.

Question 1: I would like to know on average the number approx. hours of studying time required per part for a person with my background.

Some websites say on average 150-200 hrs. per part.  I would like a view on studying time since so much has changed material wise. Currently, I am working full-time but plan on following a review course plan schedule.

Question 2: Which of the review courses out there is better suited for a person with my background (i.e., out of school for +15yrs)?

Thinking of getting Gleim Review course (just cuz it is within my budget) but read that their book is really detail and very long and hard to read.

Any help is greatly appreciate it.

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Comment by Niusha H on June 4, 2013 at 9:25pm

When I looked into choosing review programs, I wanted one that was easy to use and that I could pick up where I left off no matter which location I was in (home, office, coffee shop, car, etc.) and who's teaching style I enjoyed.  So I ultimately chose Roger CPA Review's New Generation Course --- check it out at for details.  It comes with the traditional books as well as ties them in online to all the video lectures for a seamless study experience.  It works for me.  And, as he says, if you study, you will PASS!  :)    If you aren't sure, maybe you could buy just one section when you pick the one you like in case it doesn't work for you, so you won't lose too much?

As far as hours go - I'd say 85 - 150 is pretty typical depending on which exam you're working on.

Good luck Milkyway!  You can do this!

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