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Hello Friends,

I am a stay-at-home mom and started my CPA journey from January 2013. My 2013 resolution is to pass the 4 great exams in CPA. I am a M.B.A holder from Accredited University. My CPA journey starts with the approval of CBA (California Board of Accountancy) on the first week of December 2012.

I really need to take vacation before starting my wonderful CPA journey. So, I utilized the last blackout month of 2012 (December) for my vacation. I started FAR right after vacation and Now I am in the revising mode with doing tons of FAR MCQs.

My plan is to deal with the toughest to the easiest exams (F-A-R-B). I think, FAR is the toughest in my perspective because of a large number of topics. FAR is my favorite too but, I cant remember some topics that I can easily forget it. After finishing FAR exam, I am going to start AUD and scheduled to take at the end of May 2013.

Now I am dealing with FAR, Every topic is very easy to grasp but I struggled a lot with Basic Concepts. Because, Basic concepts are very dry to concentrate. So, its my boring topic. I don't know about other exams because still I am in Baby-steps range.

Now I am using Wiley CPA review like many of the CPA exam candidates. Sometimes, Its very hard to picturize the whole concept. With the great support of wiley testbank, I am staying on track.

My study plan is doing one time chapter reading for comforting to know the portion, the exact terminologies and concepts. Then hammering MCQs till the concept stuck in my head. I dont know what will happen in my exam day??? Usually I would like to study for 5hours every day since January 2013. I have 1year old baby girl, so I want to spend time with her too. I know, its tough to handle 2 babies at a time (my little baby girl & CPA).

My Study plan is the toughest-to-easiest exams (F-A-R-B) and I am giving extra time and effort to take the exam. So, each window two exams is my plan.

I need a recognition in my future job. So, I would like to do the Great CPA. Actually, CPA is my long term goal and now its time to pay-off.

My CPA exam bucket list is very simple to the general public but, not to the each and every CPA.

I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY LITTLE BABY GIRL WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT CPA EXAMS. This is the most happiest thing in my life. So, this is the list that I want to do right after CPA exams. Hopefully, I am going to pass all 4 exams within this year end. Here I want to thank my adjustable Husband and Mom for great, great, great support.

Thanks for reading my post.


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Comment by vasundraveni on March 23, 2013 at 8:37am
hey I am exactly sharing ur stage.. I too ve a 16 mons son.. and started CPA this FEb 2013.. and had a vacation to VEGAS last week and now started for CPA .. I still didn't give my section preference to ca board.. planning for FAR.. I want to talk in detail regarding books bcos I m really confused abt the study materials. can u share ur experience abt choosing books and how to start. it's been 2 weeks I got eligible to sit for exams and so I ve to start cpa journey by next week. I think for quick decision it would be better to talk over phone.. my num is 650 641 0297. if u wish uncan cal me or send me ur num so I wil giv a cal
Comment by shally on March 22, 2013 at 11:33pm

Thanks CPAnet

Comment by CPA Exam Club on March 22, 2013 at 11:23pm
Keep it up!!
Comment by shally on March 20, 2013 at 3:34pm

Thanks Manny...Hope you finished FAR exam. Is there any tips that you want to give about in general like time management, etc.,

Comment by Manny on March 20, 2013 at 2:09pm

Hi Shally...I see you have trouble looking at the big picture.  What I found most helpful while studying for FAR is that whenever I too lost in the details, I stepped back from it and asked myself "where is this reported in the financial statements?" That helped tremendously. After all, that is what FAR is about - creating the financial statements and understanding how each line item in the financial statements is calculated. Hope this helps you.  

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