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20 Things To Do While Waiting for Your CPA Exam Scores | CPAexcel

20 Things To Do While Waiting for Your CPA Exam Scores
by CPAexcel CPA Review

OK, we know your are waiting for your Q1 CPA Exam Scores. So to keep busy, we came up with 20 things to do to take your mind off of score release.

  1. Install  "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" on your computer.  Improving your typing speed and accuracy will help with many facets of life since PC key boards don’t respond overly well to you using only your thumbs. :-)
  2. Take a Yoga class: Yes, we could all use some centering after Q1.
  3. Go outside and relax in the sun. This may last for 10 minutes before you frantically run back inside and start studying furiously for your next section.
  4. Snooze. Siesta. Take a nap. Sleep in…unless your boss would not be best pleased.
  5. Go watch a movie…in the theater. Why? Because you have to turn off your phone. This will give you a reasonable excuse not to be checking NASBA tweets to see if the scores are in yet. If you do check for tweets during the movie, prepare to have people hurl popcorn in your general direction.
  6. Phone a friend or a family member. Take your time and talk about Aunt Mabel’s recent operation or the fact that Cousin Tyler finally is going to marry Sarah next October. I know: it would have been far more considerate of them if they had scheduled for September (a black out month) but such is life.
  7. Read any truly long book so that you can say you did it. Tolstoy’s War and Peace about life in Russia during the era of Napoleon comes to mind. Trying to keep the characters straight and who is related to whom, who hates whom, and who is boinking whom will keep your mind off score release.
  8. Improve your verbal skills! If you want to build your vocabulary and leave the greatest orators of all time in the dust, read the Oxford English Dictionary or sign up for vocabulary quizzes at (
  9. Prepare taxes at the senior center. As she is telling you about her 17th. grandchild, you will listen utterly fascinated…while texting from your pocket to check your scores. At least it’s something to do….
  10. Dream about holding a print out of your passing score in your hand and cooing to it any terms of endearment from the movies. You might channel your inner “Lord of Rings” and call your passing score, “My Precious.”
  11. Start a board game tournament. “Apples to Apples” can go on for days and will keep you busy while you are waiting.
  12. Start a Twitter account. Update your status to include everything from eating a grilled cheese to where you are eating the grilled cheese to what kind of cheese, what kind of bread….
  13. Take a photo of your sandwich and tweet about the photo. Photograph and tweet everything on your desk, the current weather, the pattern on your sofa, what your cat is doing right now. Your friends will be so pleased!
  14. Start a blog about waiting for scores. Beat the rush…
  15. Organize your DVD collection alphabetically by title or alphabetically by title within a genre. Then create a tracking program so that you know which DVD is in which room of your house.
  16. Organize your CD collection. Ditto the DVD collection…
  17. File all your receipts. All of them. Back to 2007.
  18. Apply for all your rebates on this, that, and the other.
  19. Answer all those e-mails you haven’t answered because you were studying.
  20. Water the plants…unless you neglected them so long that it’s time to replace them. Studying will do that to ya!

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