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Revenue Recognition (contd.)

In my last post I addressed the conceptual framework on revenue recognition. Only when the revenue is both earned and recognizable (i.e. when the earning process is finished or nearly finished and delivery/exchange has taken place), it gets recognized in the financial statements.....few alternative revenue recognition methods are being discussed underneath concisely…

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Revenue Recognition

Revenue is one of the most important indicators of a successful business. Since revenue reporting directly impacts an entity's results of operations and financial position, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the underlying concepts and practices. However, revenue accounting literature has emanated in various diverse pronouncements that at times it is often challenging to relate and identify the appropriate pronouncement.....… Continue

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Earnings Per Share

Hello Friends!

It's been some time since I last wrote on "Pension Accounting". I apologize for not being able to keep up with the desired pace and will endeavour not to lose track of it. Laying my thoughts aside on how I feel about neglecting the job I volunteered for, I shift to an interesting topic “Earnings Per Share(EPS)” ....follow me...

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Pension Accounting

Bonjour! Dear Friend

Prior to initiating the discussion on the subject matter for the day, I want to make some confessions. Pension Accounting was a thorny topic for me and it took me some time to imbibe it. Whilst I am going to write about it, makes me feel perturbed, yet I want to share my learning with you. At work, a project director taught me a mantra once “keep things simple, keep things stupid” and they are easy to manage. I tried applying the same mantra here and it… Continue

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Accounting for Investments - Equity and Cost Method

Hello and Welcome Dear Reader

Before I begin with my topic of the day, I wanted to share an interesting article on Investing in Gold. With sudden rise in price of Gold, it seems, everyone's getting more passionate about buying yellow metal. Then I landed on this article in Money magazine " Coming down with Gold fever" and I had to ask myself...Is it another bull run?? .......................Now coming back to today’s subject for dialogue “Accounting for Investments-Equity Method”… Continue

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Basics of Accounting


This is the first time I am writing a blog. I am kind of excited and nervous. Thousands of ideas are overflowing and I need a needle to thread them all into one. I would not say that I am a master of my subject but I have a fair amount of understanding and want to share it and learn more from others.

I am going to start with Basics of Accounting and then gradually pick up Financial Accounting and Reporting "FAR" topics. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping to expand… Continue

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Teach Me Accounting


Recently I initiated my own blog post where I intend to talk and discuss about various Financial Accounting and Reporting topics. The whole objective is to help other candidates with the FAR section of the exam.

I have briefly touched upon Basics of Accounting, Comprehensive Income and Effective Interest Method. I look forward to your suggestions and inputs on it and together we can build and share our knowledge base.



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