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If I had to calculate how many hours I have put into studying for REG, I would probable estimate 100 or so. With all of these hours already put in, I often wonder how many more hours will it take before I’m ready? Or worst yet will I ever be ready. I read all of the blog concerning the recommended hours of study, but how many is right but me. My biggest fear is going completely blank on exam day.



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Secret Agent CPA Exam Candidate

Its 4:15 in the morning. You’re in your secret cave, mentally preparing to conquer the mission of successfully passing the CPA exam. Vigorously reviewing the op order (study material), while simultaneously taking notes. Deciphering the code is essential to the task at hand. Corpus, AMT, boot, NSTCG, LTCL, 1231, 1245 to name a few. Who can you call to guide you…


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No Longer Afraid of the Four-Headed Monster: The CPA Exam

Hello, I am a 30-something stay at home mom to three small and wonderful children 6, 4, 3. I began my CPA journey in the summer of 2012 when I receive my NTS from the state of Kentucky. I was nothing short of elated and immediately purchased study material from Yaeger for FAR and BEC. Shortly before receiving the material I began researching study tactics,…


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