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CPA Exam Mistake #9: Not Studying How the Multiple Choice Questions are Worded

The questions on the CPA exam are notoriously tricky. They require you to pay attention to each and every word of the question and answer. This demands your complete focus and it can be hard with all the anxiety and fatigue that comes with exam day. A typical "trick" question they will ask…


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CPA Exam Mistake #8: Not Discussing Study Topics with Others

Have you ever been part of a study group?  Have you ever asked your professor questions during class or during office hours?  How about explaining your understanding of a topic to another student?  


If so, then you know all the grade-improving goodness that happens…


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CPA Exam Mistake #6: Using Out Of Date Materials

To save money or just out of convenience, many CPA exam candidates use older review materials or college textbooks to study for the exam.  This is a mistake for three reasons. 


First, accounting pronouncements, auditing standards, and IRS regulations change frequently.  New standards can be tested six months after their effective date or, if…


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CPA Exam Mistake #5: Focusing On Your Strengths Instead Of Your Weaknesses

We all like to spend time at things we are good at.  We all like the positive reinforcement that comes with doing something well.  When studying on our own, the tendency is to get that positive reinforcement by working more on the areas we know well to get those impressive 90% scores and big green bars on certain topics. 




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CPA Exam Mistake #4: Not Taking Breaks

If you are driven to pass the CPA exam, you are likely to be highly motivated.  You expect success and hold yourself to a high standard.  This can be a double-edged sword.


One of the mistakes highly motivated people make is pushing themselves too hard in studying for the exam.  To pass all 4 parts of the exam, most people will study upwards of 300 hours.  A…


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CPA Exam Mistake #3: Not Getting People Close To You On Your Side

Passing the CPA exam is hard and time consuming.  No newsflash there.  You all know that.


But, many of the candidates I talk to try to explain to their family and friends how hard the exam is and how time consuming it is. As much as they might want to understand, most people who are not…


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The 11 CPA Exam Study Mistakes

There are 11 common mistakes CPA exam candidates make that lead to failure, extra exam fees, added stress and anxiety.  Retaking a section of the exam is going to cost you hundreds of dollars.


If you can avoid these mistakes, you put yourself ahead of the pack and put yourself in a great position to pass the exam.



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