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Do part-time internships exist? 30-hour weeks for 6 months v. 60-hour weeks for 3 months

I'm a fan of hands-on, project-based learning and those in education like Alfie Kohn, John Dewey and Jean Piaget.  I'm wondering if there's a way to study for the CPA exam using such techniques as I absorb information so much better by experiencing it than learning it in textbook study sessions.

I noticed in my score report today that in every area that I was stronger in were those in which I had previous work experience (and tangible understanding).  I know exactly where to focus…


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I have high expectations - of myself and others.  I also have high standards and believe that the basics of life are vital to enjoying a full life - good sleep, whole food (no processed convenient junk), an active lifestyle and time to play and forge meaningful relationships.


With the CPA exam on my list of goals, it has been a journey to learn to look at it as a "hobby", keeping in mind that it's what I want to spend my time on as well as something that will feel…


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Study Like a Marathon

Recently, I reflected on how I could best pass the CPA exam.  I use an app called RunDouble and what I like about it is that I don't have to "think" about what to do - the training plan is built in and I can play the music on my phone simultaneously while I run around beautiful places in my neighborhood.

So, why not make a RunDouble feature for the CPA exam, I thought?…


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Modeling for the women in our world

There have been three waves of feminism, and still - there's a SuperMom image out there as well as amazing resources and talents inside of so many women that choose instead to take on the respectful and societal-needed place of parenting and mothering our young.  If you're in that boat and have the goal to pass the CPA exam, you know it is a curvy path to success, not the quick, straight road that you were accustomed to before life became richer with loved ones nearby.

Choosing to be…


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Study Technique: My Way or the Review Course Way

I've always been an excellent student, but I also know that essays are my forte and MCQs are tricky for me only because I'm able to see many sides of the same coin (at least that's how my mother put it when I was younger and frustrated with MCQs).

Now that I'm preparing for standardized, uniform CPA exams, I find my nervousness and anxiety about MCQs getting the best of me to the point that I've tried to do my diligence in studying the subjects and topics inside and out.  But, that…


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Memory Skills vs. Understanding

Complete understanding of a subject versus the ability to memorize and regurgitate facts are really interlinked.  I've thought of them as different for some time, but now I can see how these two skills are linked and how come standardized exams use them as a way to measure knowledge.

Complete understanding of a subject and seeing how it works hand-on is a skill dominated by the right brain.

Whereas the ability to memorize and regurgitate knowledge uses the left…


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Choices: Discipline + Focus

These CPA exams are truly a test on how much you've practiced making difficult decisions about how to spend your time.  There is so much to enjoy in this world, but not all those things contribute to our goals in life.

Much like the apple pie that tempts someone trying to lose weight, there are so many distractions that tempt the CPA candidate.  Truly whittling down and choosing where to spend…


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Time as a motivator | Niusha's CPA Exam Journey

This is something we all have equally, but how we choose to use it can make us successful.  I've mastered my awareness at minimizing distractions - this was a long road with two children and technology access everywhere and living in beautiful, San Francisco with so much to offer.

More recently, however, thanks to a blog post I've been trying to use it as a motivator.  I've been logging my hours and tracking the time I spend studying.  Though it's not growing as fast as I'd like it…


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Mindset | Niusha's CPA Exam Journey

I have come around to telling myself that I will pass and that I will score in the 80s.  I'm realistic and not getting down on my old over-achiever persona that would rock out a 95 to 100 on an exam because now I have other responsibilities and obligations that are dear to me.

Now that I've begun to say this, I am trying to keep a positive attitude and talk about my joys.  I actually look forward to waking up at 4am every morning to get 3 hours of quiet study time in.  I never…


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Just do it! | Niusha's CPA Exam Journey

Any tips on best practice study habits to pass these exams while parenting two kids (age 4 and 6) in a city would be most appreciated.

Here's to finally being ready and having life situated enough to just live and study and pass these exams.  I have had so many blessings to have the opportunity to be able to focus on achieving this dream.  I am motivated to get this studying act into full swing and rock out the FAR ASAP.  Step by step I will make progress and the journey will…


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