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Why procrastination is bad and how to defeat it!

Lets face it.  A lot of us are procrastinators and like to do things in the very end.  Although it worked for a lot of us in school and maybe even college, the CPA exam is a totally different beast in this regards.  Procrastination is just a terrible thing to do with regards to all 4 sections of the CPA exam.  I just want to emphasize a few points as to why it's bad and solutions on how to defeat it.

Why it's bad:

1. It encourages a lazy lifestyle.

A lot of us do indeed…


Added by Bryan Patel on April 24, 2013 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

The last night before your exam?

This is more geared towards the people who have already taken an exam, but anyone is welcome to participate.  I still have a few days left until I take my first exam and this is mostly a question which will probably vary depending on your situation.  What do you do the last day before the exam?  Do you try to cram all the material and do a review?  Do you just take a practice exam or two?  Or like the picture above, do you just try to relax and try to have an overall fresh mind and try not…


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What made you interested in pursuing a career in accounting?

As I was going through the IT section of auditing, I had a question for myself and for other people if they want to answer.  What made you interested in accounting and why did you choose it as a profession?  I actually grew around computers and IT in general, so I've actually been very interested in that side of the…


Added by Bryan Patel on April 23, 2013 at 12:22pm — 2 Comments

Last week of studying for Auditing

Hey guys.  After these last few weeks of studying and practice, only a week left until my first big CPA exam.  I'm using my time wisely to go over some of my weak areas (cycles and evidence).  Surprisingly, I felt pretty comfortable with reports, a section that I thought I would have struggled with.  I think it's mainly due to memorization being one of my strong suits.. with cycles and evidence, it's a lot more about applying and looking at the bigger picture.  Hopefully this last week I can…


Added by Bryan Patel on April 22, 2013 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

YES: NTS Received!

Wow, I remember another blogger saying how she was actually excited to get her NTS.. and now that I finally have mine (first applied on 2/27), I feel the exact same way.  That's definitely a load of stress off my back.  I have 2 sections on this NTS (AUD and FAR) and will get BEC and REG a bit later on.  Just didn't want to schedule all 4 exams in one NTS and…


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My CPA schedule

Hey guys.  I finally figured out my CPA schedule and the dates I want to take my exams.  Have a look!

One of the best things you can do as a CPA candidate is to schedule and plan ahead of time.  This is definitely very important as it gives you goals and specific targets to reach, as opposed to just studying and ending up cramming the…


Added by Bryan Patel on March 20, 2013 at 7:28pm — 1 Comment

From Pencil/Paper to noteboards.. how do you feel about this change?

If you haven't taken the exam yet this year or didn't hear about the news, then you might not know that Pencil/Paper being replaced by noteboards this year.  Here's the link describing the change

I did ask Dr. Phil Yaeger about this when he was hosting a show a couple of weeks back.  Obviously a lot of people are reluctant to change.  One reason for…


Added by Bryan Patel on March 19, 2013 at 8:47pm — 3 Comments

Tips for the Auditing Section of the CPA Exam

Taking a little break from studying Auditing for the CPA Exam because i'm writing out this blog post.  I was just thinking of a few tips that might help out some people while studying for this section.  First thing I thought of was the simulations.  You definitely should leave a good amount of time to do these simulations.  There are 7 Task-based simulations, 6 of them are graded, and 1 is on research.  I would HIGHLY recommend you practice the research question on the AICPA website or…


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Supplementary material for the CPA Exam.

Hello everyone.

Well, I'm studying for the Auditing section (in the Internal control section right now with all the different types of cycles)  I only have 1 section bought so far, which is the Auditing Section from RogerCPA.  I know it might be a bit more expensive in the long run, but I really wasn't sure what course to buy, so I settled with a section for Roger and I'll see how it goes.  My question is.. does anyone use any (maybe relatively cheap) supplementary material to study?…


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Which order would be the most optimal for me? | Bryan's CPA Exam Journey

Hey guys.

Almost 10 days into studying for my first section (AUD) and I just thought about something.  I really have no idea which order i'll be taking these sections haha.  I decided to take Auditing first because of the changes that will happen to the section after June.  I figure I can get that over with before the changes take place and any new material gets tested.  I still actually have no idea when i'm going to actually take the exam because I'm waiting for my NTS, but my…


Added by Bryan Patel on March 17, 2013 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

Studying for my first section - 1 week later | Bryan's CPA Exam Journey

Hey everyone.

Well, I've started studying for the first section i'm going to take (Auditing) and it's been a week now.  Still haven't received my NTS, so hopefully that goes through without any hitches because i'm dying to schedule this exam so I can properly assess how much time I have left and what I should focus on the most.  First week mostly went without any hitches.  I really need to zero in and focus a lot more on the material in hand.  It's very easy to get distracted…


Added by Bryan Patel on March 15, 2013 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Introduction and preparing to study for the CPA Exam | Bryan's CPA Exam Journey

Hello everyone!

I'm a 23 year old (relatively) recent graduate from Penn State University, where I got my Bachelors of Science in Accounting.  I honestly didn't know what I wanted to major in when I went to community college.  Ended up taking a good amount of classes, which actually worked out great for me because I got pretty close to 150 credits that way.  After I took my first accounting class at my local community college, I felt that accounting was definitely a subject in which I…


Added by Bryan Patel on March 6, 2013 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

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