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Manny's Blog – March 2013 Archive (8)

Dealing with SIMS and WC

So you arrive to the SIMS and WC and freak the you know what out.  Well go ahead and have your freak out moment.  However, do gather yourself and go through the SIMS and WC thoroughly and one by one.  Focus all of your attention on the SIM/WC you’re working on.  Personally, I like to do the ones I find easiest first and move on to the hardest ones. 

Also, make sure to have practiced good time management in order to give yourself enough time to answer them.  The research tab ((not…


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Feelings About Exam and Actual Score not Aligned

So you come out of the testing center feeling supremely confident but then fail.  What went wrong? Well maybe you felt good about answer choices that were in fact wrong.  Perhaps many of your correct choices were thrown out due to pre-test questions.  Another possibility is that questions you got wrong were worth more than those that you got correct even if you answered more questions correctly.  It could be a combination of the above reasons and maybe others. 

Should you have…


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My BEC Strategy

Create my own notes for the major topics of each section

Review an entire module for no more than a week and do questions on it a week later. In the proceeding weeks, review the most difficult part of the prior’s week material and review a new module.  Include in the review the reasons why I got wrong answers.

In the final week, briefly review the areas I’m strong in and concentrate on reviewing and doing questions on the most difficult areas.

So basically my strategy is…


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So You Failed A Section

One thing you don’t want to do is get discouraged.  In addition, don’t let yourself get carried away by how you feel you did in an exam, especially if you feel really confident.  Feeling extremely confident and finding out you failed can surely take its toll.   

Also, asking yourself the below twelve questions and answering with brutal honesty will tremendously guide you on what to do next. Depending on your answers, adjust accordingly and don’t make the same mistakes twice.  If you…


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“You’re an Accounting major & have trouble passing?”

So have you had something irritating told to you like the blog title? I’m pretty sure you have your own irritations so I won’t create a list of them but rather have advice on how to deal with them. The self-restraint it takes to not slam people in the face with the very heavy Wiley FAR book can definitely drain some energy. The CPA journey is already difficult without these irritations so this only adds fuel to the fire. How then to deal with these types of comments?

Well one way is…


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Third TIme A Charm?

I have given myself 8 weeks to study for BEC, which will be my third attempt.  The first time I didn’t have enough time to review. In my second attempt, I let little things trip me up in the exam and didn’t execute time management well, which led to leaving a WC completely bank.  I scored in the mid 60s in both attempts so I’m somewhat close. 

Having committed egregious errors in my first two attempts, I know not to repeat them.  With this in mind, I will nail down the details to…


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Six Pack of Tips

1. NTS Scheduling - Suppose that you will test at the end of May 31st and have 90 days from April 1st to take the exam.  You receive the bad news that you failed the section on June 10th.  After recovering from defeat you gather yourself and reschedule the exam.  Well there might be a problem.  Since your NTS doesn’t expire until the end of June, you cant reschedule until then.  Depending on…


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Jack of All Trades and Master of None

The title succinctly describes BEC for me. After all, the topics are all over the place and unrelated. As an example, we have IT, corporate governance, economics, and cost accounting. All of these items are unrelated. In addition, the lack of SIMS in BEC almost reassures us that no one subject will be delved into deeply. However, we still need to put the time and effort into the exam.

So how then do we study for BEC? The best answer I can come up with is to study for it like the rest…


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