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Most Important thing to pass the CPA exam

I have had several people ask me what I think the most thing was to passing the CPA Exam.

The utmost important thing you can do is practice the Multiple Choice Questions (MC) and the Task Based Simulations (TBS).  

I used Roger CPA review and he stressed doing the MC and TBS at least 2 to 3 times.  I agree and cannot stress that enough.

When practicing the questions, make sure to read all the answers, even the incorrect ones.  When you KNOW the reason each is wrong as…


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Nice to not have to study

I thought time flew when I was studying.  I was wrong, it is going faster now.  It has been 10 days since my last blog, and I thought it was just yesterday.

When I was studying, I followed Roger CPA Review's study planner with a few modifications.  I kept track of time and had to schedule time off from studying if I wanted down time. Now that I don't have to study and not keeping a schedule, time seems to be flying by.  

While studying, I said "I'll do it after I pass the CPA…


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Wow, how time flies.

Roger said during his course that all the time spend studying would be worth it, and it was.  It is such a relief to finally be done.

I have been so busy; I still haven't looked up to find out about the ethics test or the actual licensing. I still have a few months to go before I am eligible to get my license, and the way time is flying by, I really need to put that on my priority list.

I am going to have to admit that I sort of miss studying and my time watching Roger's…


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Passed FAR and now I'm DONE

I can't believe that I passed all 4 sections of the CPA Exam.  I am still in shock.  I received my scores over a week ago, and I still feel amazed that this journey is over.

I actually cried with pure JOY when I saw the scores and realized I don't have to study anymore. I enjoyed watching Roger sing TT, BPO, 75 or 90 but he can't compete with my son asking me to play with him, and being able to (Sorry Roger).

I now have to research what else is…


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Holiday Weekend Studying BITES

Just need to vent a little.  

As much as I know it is worth it, studying on a holiday weekend when it is GORGEOUS outside in Florida, when I live less than an hour from SEVERAL beaches and I can hear people next door having fun in their pool really BITES, SUCKS, and many other bad words in caps that I don't want to put into writing.

BUT:  , Study time now = no fun= more money/fun in the future.…


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CPA Exam Game Plan

If you have been following me you know I am big on trying to stay on schedule.

      Meaning you need to:

      + Develop a plan

      + Plan your schedule

      + Stick to your…


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Three down, one left to pass.  

Not knowing these results caused a slack on studying for FAR.  Thankfully I build in some down time in my study schedule for an event, and am not too far behind schedule.

Now that I have passed BEC, I am motivated to get back on schedule and tough it out for this last exam.

Roger CPA Review posting "The CPA Exam Hack:…


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Failed BEC: What is Worse?

Failing BEC with a 74.  I keep checking to see if my some miracle they changed my score to a 75.  But no such luck.

I took this failure HARD.  It took me longer to get back to studying than it normally does.  I was SO CLOSE. But I finally got back on track.  I waited for my score to come out to determine if I was going to re-study for BEC or start studying FAR.

I set…


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Roger CPA Sidekick

I LOVE Roger CPA Review, they have e-mails with tips they send throughout your CPA exam journey called sidekicks.  

I have been feeling a little let down from my last CPA Exam and wondering if it all is worth it, and about the time I was ready to give up, Roger CPA Review sent me the most perfect sidekick…


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I PASSED REG... 2 down 2 to go | Tana's CPA Exam Journey

I PASSED REG...  I was SURE I had failed, I had no confidence WHAT SO EVER that I had passed that exam.  I Didn't want to check the scores and was going to wait until after I took BEC on Thursday, but I broke down and checked it today.  It took a minute for me to realize that it was actually a passing score.

ROGER IS GREAT (  I owe this passing grade to his review system, his study tips…


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Test Day - REG | Tana's CPA Exam Journey

I took my son to daycare first thing in the morning, as I wanted to use all the time I could to work multiple choice (MC) questions.  I heard that traffic was backed up for MILES all over town, there was a backup to get home and I had not brought my books with me.  I decided to stop at a restaurant and listen to Roger CPA Review lectures on my droid phone while I waited, instead of sitting in traffic and getting stressed out.

When the traffic finally died down (3 hours later), I was…


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Two days before REG | Tana's CPA Exam Journey

I am working on very little sleep, but I feel pretty good about my studying.

I have been listening to Roger CPA Lectures on my weak areas on my 30 min drive to and from work and completed all the homework twice, including TBS.

Something new this time is I wrote my own notes from the REG text book that goes with Roger lecture. I am going to spend time before and after work to work in the software and I will have all day Thursday (until test time) to work the software as well.…


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Phone Lectures

I should have been listening to lectures on my phone instead of talking to friends/

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Still on target - 7 days before my test (2/7/2013)

I am happy to say that I have kept to my study guide.  I built in an "catch up day" each week and used it not just to catch up, but for down time as well.  I was able to get to bed at 8pm instead of 2am one night. That was such a great night. I am really excited that I will have 4 days to spend just on MC/TBS and review of material marked that I am weak.

I did give up on writing notes on every chapter.  I was spending over an hour, and all I was doing was copying the information from…


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Staying on target

Things seem to be going better this time around.  Today, I scheduled REG (Feb 7th), and BEC (Feb 28).  Some other things have come up in my life, but I am going to use them to focus myself and not let them distract me from my studies.  

I am following Roger Phillipp (Roger CPA Review) advice.  I am doing all the homework twice before I move onto the next section, and completing the TBS. It seems like it is easier for…


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Regrouping after Failing REG

I had to have some time to refocus and regroup my life.  I did not pass REG and it crushed me.  I did the suggested studying.  Scored high on the homework and thought I down when I walked in the test center, but as my last blog shows, I didn't know how I did after the test.  When the results came out, I was devastated.  I didn't even make a 70, what was up with that.  

So, on the advise of my husband, I took a break to evaluate what was going on, and how I can pass and become a…


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Result waiting time

I took REG last week and am waiting for Dec 7 for results. I don't understand why I can't figure out if I passed when I leave the test site. In college I knew that I passed when I left an exam, but with the CPA you don't have a clue.

I did everything Roger CPA suggested, I reviewed the standard lectures and did all the M/C twice, I also used the Cram course the few days before the test, then spent three days doing m/c and TBS.

The day of the test, I scored a 93 and an 86 on 20…


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I'm back

It really has been a long time since I have posted.  I didn't pass Far, but that didn't keep me down.  Even before the grades came out I started studying for REG.  

I just finished Roger CPA for REG and have done the homework twice, although I haven't done the TBS yet.  I saved them for last.  My test is scheduled for Friday, so I still have 3 full days (and what is left of today) to study. 



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It’s all in the attitude | Tana's CPA Exam Journey

I am finally home now. I have my FAR study plan in hand, study materials, internet access to Roger CPA Review course and a positive attitude. I am ready to start studying.

A positive attitude is essential. I had a plan to study FAR, but was not able to stick to it due to a family member’s health. I tried to study without my materials, but was not focused on the subject and determined that concentrating on family was…


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I was hoping to already be done watching the FAR section of Roger's lectures, but life got in the way.  I was planning on watching and taking notes on all the lectures then go back and watch them again when I get a back home to my study materials.  

But as we all know, great plans will be defeated, if you do not able to commit to them, and I cannot right now.  Life throws curve balls and you have to be able deal with…


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