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My Bff/Boo BEC

For me..studying for BEC is like having a bad Bff/Boo that just won't go away or you just can't let go of.  For some reason I got to ch.2 and my brain could not take it anymore...too many formulas.  With that said I need some tips on how to break up (pass) Bec! I must end this bad relationship so that I can move on! Lol!  How do you retain the formulas and learn all the variations that one formula can bring!



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Be Blooper Proof on exam day

Yip…It can happen.  You study for months and on the day of the exam you forget something.  Just as studying for the exam is very important…so is the big day!!  Things that you should do to reduce stress on the exam day:

  1. Put your NTS in your car!!
  2. Choose your attire the night before (go for comfort)
  3. Pack your exam bag the night before: IDs, NTS & Confidence :) 
  4. Don’t change your routine (no time for…

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Dreamy days after the CPA Exam

I’ve envisioned a great life after the CPA Exam and that’s why I am giving it my all. I really want my life back.  Simple pleasures like reading a non cpa book…or watching tv without feeling guilty…Oh how I miss those days.  My CPA bucket list consists of:

  1. Being able to spend more time with my son and my mother (she’s retiring) – I’d like to take them to Disney World next year.
  2. Buy a house
  3. Travel to Europe to visit my god daughter
  4. Attend my…

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Choosing which sequence you’ll take the cpa exam is usually based on different motives for each individual.  My reason for taking REG 1st is because I have the 2012 material for it and I’m hoping nothing much has changed.  Other reasons may include the cost of the exam or practical experience/confidence in a particular area.

As my blog suggests, not everyone takes the exam in the same order and you’re not required to…there are however a few suggestions out there… so don’t…


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Watch me beat procrastination; Watch me stay on track

I am not much of a blogger but I decided to share my battle with the CPA exam.  I started off using Bisk in 2010 and have taken the exam off and on…changing material…changing sections.  The only thing that didn’t change was my failing scores…and the fact that I was not studying the way that I needed to in order to pass the exam.  It took a lot for me to realize that it wasn’t NASBA and it wasn’t the software.  It was my procrastination and inability to stay focused and stay on…


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