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FAR Exam Debrief

So I just got back from the exam... it was pretty tough!

They assigned me to locker 7. Woohoo! Then they pointed me to my computer, number 13. BOO! To counteract the bad luck from the computer number, I submitted the exam with 7 minutes remaining. That way, the locker and computer juju cancels out and the 7 mins remaining puts me ahead, right??

Anyway, the MCQs were more detailed and seemed to take more time to understand than the Wiley online MCQs. I honestly didn't notice any…


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Wiley FAR Practice Test

I just took my first full length Wiley Practice Exam for FAR. My exam is on the 27th, so I felt it would be valuable to take a full length exam for timing purposes and to get a general idea of what kind of score I was looking at with my current preparation.

I scored an 80 overall, with 72/90 MCQ and 5/7 Sims. Full score reports here...

Full Report:…


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FAR 100 Hour Mark!

Wow, has it been a month since my last post already?!  Time sure has flown... I better start my 2012 Christmas list soon! ;)

So as the title indicates, I expect to break the 100-hour studying mark for FAR tonight.  My FAR exam is officially scheduled for Monday, Feb 27th at 9:00AM (wish me luck!).  I have mostly stuck to the studying plan outlined in previous posts, with some very minor variations.  I began my studies on Saturday, January 7th, so it has been exactly…


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How to Achieve High Scores on Exams

One of the biggest factors to standardized testing that most seem to overlook is the simple fact that these standardized exams are, in fact, standardized.  That is, the exam is nationally or globally administered; it is the same across the whole country, or sometimes, across the whole world.  Given this fact, you should consider that all of the major review packages for said exam will cover essentially the same material.  Some may cover…


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Planning The Exam: How Long Should I Study?

Late last week and into this past weekend I played some email tag with Bonni and Sonny over at Yaeger CPA Review.  Sonny advised me that the recommended order of exams is F A R B, and that students will, on average, study for the following number of hours per section:…


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Here's to a Prosperous & Fortunate New Year!

I'd like to wish all of you the best for a Happy New Year!

The CPA Exam is a big step for many of us in our professional careers, and as such it can be a highly stressful (albeit very rewarding!) process.  If you are struggling with a section, know that thousands of other aspiring CPAs are going through the same process with you each year, and there is a community here…


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Follow My CPA Exam Journey!


My name is Dave. I finished my Bachelor's degree in Accounting two weeks ago, and I plan to start my MS in Accounting in August. In the mean time, I hope to take and complete the CPA exam. This is my story. :)

I have been reading up on CPA exam review courses to see what would suit me best. I will have about 7 months total, so I want to do this right the first time! After getting sticker shock from what my friend paid for Becker, I couldn't help…


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