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Two days before REG | Tana's CPA Exam Journey

I am working on very little sleep, but I feel pretty good about my studying.

I have been listening to Roger CPA Lectures on my weak areas on my 30 min drive to and from work and completed all the homework twice, including TBS.

Something new this time is I wrote my own notes from the REG text book that goes with Roger lecture. I am going to spend time before and after work to work in the software and I will have all day Thursday (until test time) to work the software as well.…


Added by Tana Fuller on February 5, 2013 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

AICPA Insights - Your Questions Re: CPA Exam Score Release Timeline

CPA Exam Score Release Questions AICPA Insights was buzzingin late September with excitement over the announcement of an improved score reporting timeline that would release CPA Exam scores with greater frequency and predictability. As the first testing window under the new score release draws to a close, we…


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CPA Exam Score Release Starts Under New Timetable / AICPA NASBA

RT @cpaexamtweets: RT @NASBA: Just now, 4674 #AUD, 3619 #BEC, 3741 #FAR & 3895 #REG scores were released by #AICPA to #NASBA.

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MUST READ FROM AICPA: New Score Release Timeline for the CPA Exam


"Starting in the fourth quarter of 2011 the U.S. CPA Exam will begin releasing scores earlier and more predictably. Initially this may not seem very interesting; however, the change will mark a major shift in the U.S. CPA Exam experience and the strategies that prospective CPAs employ as they work toward passing the exam.  ith the transition from a pencil and paper exam to the computerized format in 2004, came a shift in the strategies and expectation of CPA…


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NASBA: New Online System for the Uniform CPA Examination

September 16, 2011

NASBA is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new Uniform CPA Examination Online Application System. Through this new system, at , candidates will not only be able to apply online to take the CPA Examination, but also access application information including status and payment history, import prior application data and even view examination scores.




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October/November 2011 Exam Window Ready for Discussion


It's that time again...time to break in a brand-spanking new window. Are you ready? The July/August 2011 discussion forum topics are up!!! So who's busy studying and ready to pass a section or two in July or…


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CPA EXAM NEWS - 05.03.2011



= TODAY 5/3 - Roger CPA Review | Your CPA Exam Plan

= Thursday 5/5 - Yaeger CPA Review | Let's Talk CPA Exam Radio Show




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Lowest CPA Exam Pass Rate in Over 5 Years: Passing Rates for 1st Quarter 2011 | AICPA Releases Q1 Results for CPA Exam


(With Lowest Score by Section by Year since 2006)

TAKEAWAYS: The Q1 2011 pass rates results are the lowest across all sections for any quarter in over 5 years.  Q1 and Q4 flip-flop a bit between low pass rates for AUD, REG and BEC, but Q1 has consistently been the low pass rate quarter for…


Added by CPA Exam Club on April 8, 2011 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

AICPA Recognizes CPA Exam's Top Scorers


"The AICPA announced the winners of the 2009 Elijah Watt Sells Awards, which are presented annually to the 10 candidates earning the highest cumulative scores on the four sections of the Uniform CPA Examination.  For the 2009 award, however, several candidates received identical cumulative scores, resulting in a tie and increasing the total number of winners to…


Added by CPA Exam Club on March 24, 2011 at 10:00am — No Comments

SCORE BIG with Yaeger CPA Review's Score Relase Promotion | LIMITED TIME

SCORE BIG with Yaeger CPA Review's Score Relase Promotion...

for a very limited for active coupon codes.

They aren't saying when this discount will expire, but it will be short-lived.…


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Better Sooner than Later - Getting the CPA Exam out of the Way


"I’m going to be honest with you: as far as commonplace tests go, this one is a beast. You can read all the grimy details of the exact specifications of the test online on a number of websites, but here’s the basic idea: you must pass all 4 sections (that each range between 2 to 4 hours of actually test lengths) within 18 months.…


Added by CPA Exam Club on September 24, 2010 at 1:49pm — No Comments

The Quickest 2011 CPA Exam Breakdown You’ll Ever Read

"Because we know all of you are very busy tearing up your last exams before CBT-e hits in January of 2011, we won’t waste your time and get right to the point. 2011 is coming, the exam is changing and though we’ve been over it plenty in the last several months, let’s go over it one more time..."

read entire post



Added by CPA Exam Club on September 24, 2010 at 1:30pm — No Comments

2011 Exam - CPA Examination Tutorial and Sample Tests Released


"The computer-based Uniform CPA Examination consists of multiple-choice questions and simulations (case studies) that test the knowledge and skills required of entry-level CPAs. To familiarize candidates with the format and functionality of the examination, a tutorial and sample tests are provided.



Added by CPA Exam Club on September 18, 2010 at 10:40am — No Comments

All About the Audit Section of the CPA Exam via @Going_Concern

Good news: traditionally, Audit tends to have a higher national pass rate than the other sections (only by a half a percentage point or so on average so don’t go getting excited that you can pass this one if you don’t study at all) and doesn’t require nearly as much effort as, say, FAR.

Bad news: chances are you didn’t take Auditing in college unless you’re planning on being an auditor so you have no idea what any of this stuff is about…

Added by CPA Exam Club on April 26, 2010 at 11:23am — No Comments

Yaeger CPA Review Announces Protection Plan

Yaeger CPA Review has just announced its Protection Plan.

According to Yaeger CPA Review "If students buy all four parts now in 2010, but they don't pass the part(s) in 2010, we will give them the 2011 part(s) for FREE. Just go to our site, under HomeStudy or Specials, it's our Protection Plan. Check it out."

Yaeger is also offering coupons for CPAnet forum members. Just click on the Yaeger banner at the… Continue

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CPA Exam Requirements by State

"To become a CPA, candidates need to satisfy basic requirements outlined by their State Board of Accountancy. Each of the 55 states or jurisdictions has its own set of fees and requirements for education, residency, and age. Find out what it takes to become a CPA in your state or jurisdiction by selecting a state from the map..." provided by Roger CPA Review

view map for requirements by… Continue

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CPA Exam: Apr/May 2010 Wave 1 & 2 Score Release Estimates

First of all, good luck to all of you testing in this window. Here's to passing as many sections as you can in 2010!

Using the below background information for approximate score release dates, the 7th full week of testing would fall on the week of May 17th. Wave 1 cutoff is normally the 7th of the 2nd month, so in this… Continue

Added by CPA Exam Club on April 8, 2010 at 3:30pm — No Comments

Apr/May 2010 Window - Exam Resources by Section

Apr/May 2010 Window Resources:

= FAR - Financial Accounting & Reporting

= AUD - Auditing & Attestation

= REG - Regulation

=… Continue

Added by CPA Exam Club on March 3, 2010 at 12:25am — No Comments

10 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Sign Up For The CPA Exam (via @CarrieCheap)

Here’s a great list from Carrie on the Cheap - one of our CPAnet Forum members. And if you think the list is funny, read the entire post to truly identify with her as well as fellow test-takers. Don’t forget to add your Top 10 List as well!

1. CPA Butt

2. Start Counting… Continue

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