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7/2/14 Week 12: Let’s get ready to rumble…Audit Exam style

Here it is the night before my 2nd attempt to Take Audit. Do I feel ready? Um……are you supposed to feel ready? I mean really ready? This time tomorrow it will all be over and then the waiting game begins. I have been working quite a few hours between last week and this week, but I think I have also put forth quite a bit more effort with the Task Based Simulations this time.  40% of the exam…it’s kind of a big deal! My brain is chalk full of …


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6/24/14 Week 11: Can I reschedule my audit exam date? Should I?

The big debate! I scheduled my exam for July 3rd. After studying not very much last week, I am feeling behind.  I know I have studied a lot in the past few weeks and everyone studies at a different pace. I think this week/weekend will really show if I am ready to take the exam on July 3rd. I need to keep my head down and really focus over the next few days! I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. Summoning the …


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6/10/14 Week Nine: CPA Exam- Change in attitude

Saturday morning 7:30a.m. I awoke to a text from a fellow CPA exam taker with “I received my score and didn’t pass.” Immediately I thought do I look? Do I not look? I looked… I wished I hadn’t and just waited until Monday. Why? Yes you guessed it, I too did not pass. I allowed myself exactly one hour to sulk and feel embarrassed, then spent the rest of the day forgetting I had checked it. I told a few close friends I had not passed over the weekend and they all asked me what is my game plan?…


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Exclusive Interview with New PCAOB SAG Member: Professor Sridhar Ramamoorti

Roger CPA Review recently had the chance to interview Professor Sridhar Ramamoorti.  Dr. Ramamoorti currently teaches in the School of Accountancy at Kennesaw State University, located in the great state of Georgia. He is a seasoned professional who has 30 years of experience in the fields of auditing,…


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Gaining a Healthy Attitude about Stress: Try to Look at the Bright Side

We’ve seen and heard so many of you vent about how stressed you are about the CPA Exam. We get it. It’s a scary test, and once you start the process, it seeps in to every part of your life. Stressing for an exam or an upcoming challenge in your life is okay! A…


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5 Reasons to Love a CPA

Valentine's Day is known as the day couples celebrate and recognize their love. For those who are single, Valentine's Day is popularly deemed as "single's awareness day." Regardless of which category you fall into, we think that all of us can agree that there is no greater joy than being able to love a CPA. Not feelin' that statement? Here are our 5 reasons to love a CPA:…

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The CPA Exam: The Super Bowl... Of Studying



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Get Your Head in the Game and Tackle the CPA Exam

During this precious black out month is when a study plan is vital. With the holidays looming and distractions afoot, it’s easy to…


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Exclusive Discounts from Roger CPA Review

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Study Like a Marathon

Recently, I reflected on how I could best pass the CPA exam.  I use an app called RunDouble and what I like about it is that I don't have to "think" about what to do - the training plan is built in and I can play the music on my phone simultaneously while I run around beautiful places in my neighborhood.

So, why not make a RunDouble feature for the CPA exam, I thought?…


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Wow, how time flies.

Roger said during his course that all the time spend studying would be worth it, and it was.  It is such a relief to finally be done.

I have been so busy; I still haven't looked up to find out about the ethics test or the actual licensing. I still have a few months to go before I am eligible to get my license, and the way time is flying by, I really need to put that on my priority list.

I am going to have to admit that I sort of miss studying and my time watching Roger's…


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The Silent Killer Just Days Away: The BEC Exam

Well here I am, only days from my BEC exam.   I’m very nervous about this exam simply because I have heard it called the silent killer.  While everyone always says that BEC is the easiest of the exams, it’s still one of the four exams.  I was lucky with FAR and AUD because the material really built on itself, however due to the nature…

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July Student of the Month, Our CPA Exam Blogger, Daniela Wallroff!

Welcome to our Student Spotlight! We love learning about our students' accomplishments and experiences after taking our course! Whether they take their newly-earned CPA designation to continue on to their dream job, or still have more sections of the CPA Exam to conquer, we're sharing their incredible achievements below. …


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CPA Exam Blogger Daniela: How I Finally Understood AMT

Daniela resides in the great state of Pennsylvania. She begins her CPA Exam journey with the perspective of a Masters in Accountancy. Daniela has passed FAR and AUD so far with Roger CPA Review, and is gearing up for her third exam, REG. Follow her journey with us!

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How to Study Successfully with Your Roger CPA Review Course

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Roger's Accelerated Review

This Summer, Pass All 4 Parts of the CPA Exam!

Enjoy the summer sun, but don't lose sight of your CPA goals. Get ready to  pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam in three months with…

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The CPA Exam Hack: Simple Tweaks to Conquer the Exam

Life Hacking is a movement which focuses on finding tricks in everyday life to save time, get organized, and do more of the things you want to do.  Small tweaks are made to your daily routine in order to increase productivity and do more in less time.  This list…


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CPA Exam Blogger Philip: Score Release

As you all know, the week of the score release can be quite challenging.  You start looking for scores every minute, you become a zombie-like…

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Roger CPA Review Appoints Mark Dauberman as Senior Editor

Roger CPA Review is thrilled to announce that industry legend, Mark Dauberman, CPA is joining the team as Senior Editor. Dauberman will lead Roger CPA Review…


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