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September 2011 Blog Posts (15)

MUST READ FROM AICPA: New Score Release Timeline for the CPA Exam


"Starting in the fourth quarter of 2011 the U.S. CPA Exam will begin releasing scores earlier and more predictably. Initially this may not seem very interesting; however, the change will mark a major shift in the U.S. CPA Exam experience and the strategies that prospective CPAs employ as they work toward passing the exam.  ith the transition from a pencil and paper exam to the computerized format in 2004, came a shift in the strategies and expectation of CPA…


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Get Social: Recruiting in the Accounting Industry

Social media. Sure, it’s a great way to stalk your buddies from college or find out up-to-the-second-but-actually-before-it-happened news about a freak earthquake in D.C, but did you know that it’s also a pretty solid way to scout out or be scouted out by your dream job?


To the Millennial Generation, a question…


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Study Group


 I would like to join a FAR study group in Atlanta. Alternatively, is there anyone who would like to study intensively for FAR during this exam window? Pls, contact me asap.


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Teaching Youths about Finances

A connection of mine informed me about an idea discussed at BAP's recent annual meeting regarding volunteering at local high schools to help educate students about finances.  I thought this was such a great idea that I contacted my Alma mater and they are allowing me to come in and speak to their students about budgeting, spending & saving.  I am very excited to go back for a visit and to be able to enlighten students about future skills they…


Added by Marilyn Carnevale on September 22, 2011 at 8:11pm — 1 Comment

Crashing Disappointment


Well I knew walking out of the FAR exam I probably didn't do so well. It's not that I didn't want to do well or even thought I wasn't prepared, but when my test easily could be seen as Moderate - Difficult - Moderate was a key sign I didn't do good on that 2nd test, and then the SIMS all but about 2 of them I hoped were practice I knew was a bad sign. And I was right.


Getting my FAR score back at even a lower score than I thought pretty much made me question…


Added by Andrea Polo Lozano on September 22, 2011 at 12:48pm — 1 Comment

Going too FAR

I was getting ready to leave work last Friday and had to check Twitter to see if @NASBA had announced the release of AUD scores.  It being a Friday afternoon, I assumed there would be no such notifications.  Of course, I was dead wrong.  There it was, in color, 18,839 AUD scores were released by the AICPA to NASBA.  I felt my stomach sink.  The moment of truth had arrived, or so I thought.  With this being my first CPA exam, testing section, score release, I didn't know how long I would have…


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NASBA: New Online System for the Uniform CPA Examination

September 16, 2011

NASBA is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new Uniform CPA Examination Online Application System. Through this new system, at , candidates will not only be able to apply online to take the CPA Examination, but also access application information including status and payment history, import prior application data and even view examination scores.




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Yaeger 2011-2012 Then and Now Plan - Yaeger 2012 Protection Guarantee

Yaeger CPA Review provides members of the CPAnet Forum and CPA Exam Club with great discounts.  Get $300 off full course PLUS two free CRAMS!!  Click here for free CRAM details  IMPORTANT:  To recieve the $300 discount+2CRAMS apply under Yaeger's Now & Then Plan you need to use the following code "1NT100" for 1 part up front and …


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Why are some people able to get their scores when an official announcement hasn't gone out yet?

In response to: "Why are some people able to get their scores when an official announcement hasn't gone out yet?"

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Score Release Season Has Begun!!

Score release "season" has begun!! / #cpaexam cpa exam

@cpaexamtweets: RT @NASBA: Today, 9957 BEC scores were released by the #AICPA to #NASBA from the July / August 2011 testing window. #cpaexam cpa exam

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The 21st Century CPA Exam Candidate: Mobile CPA Review

It’s a miracle! You’ve found a thirty-minute gap in your schedule, jammed right between work and your kid’s little league game. It’s not enough time to race back home and crank out some Multiple Choice Questions for your upcoming FAR exam, but it’s too much time not to take advantage of. “No problemo,” you… Continue

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October/November 2011 Exam Window Ready for Discussion


It's that time again...time to break in a brand-spanking new window. Are you ready? The July/August 2011 discussion forum topics are up!!! So who's busy studying and ready to pass a section or two in July or…


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The 7 Habits of Highly Organized Accountants

Roger CPA Review is delighted to once again have Dana Jarvis, Development Manager at Burr Pilger Mayer (BPM), as a guest blogger! Working for the largest California-based Accounting and Consulting firm, and an expert in all-things-CPA, Dana brings you the industry ’s hottest topics! Tune in below and learn…


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Our September Student of the Month!

We love hearing about our students' accomplishments and experiences after taking our course, with many going on to working their dream jobs and achieving wonderful things! Our Student of the Month Spotlight shows what our students are up… Continue

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FAR: The Hardest Section of the CPA Exam...By Far

At Roger CPA Review, we get this question a lot, so we conducted a poll and discovered that CPA Exam candidates believe FAR is the most difficult section of the CPA Exam…by far. 59% of all students surveyed report that FAR is tougher than the other three -- BEC,… Continue

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