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Well, I am a little late in keeping up with my once a week posting.  Life can do that to you.  This is the blog I was planning for last Friday and never got completed.

In the beginning, with the extensive use of the internet, I wondered if there would be a lot of websites or forums with people discussing or helping each other to prepare for and take the CPA exam.  I have done a little searching, but I have not come up with many websites that do this.  Maybe I haven't looked hard…


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Create your CPA Exam Study Plan

At Roger CPA Review, our motto is: If you study, you will pass! However, the number one reason that students fail the CPA Exam is because of a failure to adequately plan out and stick to their studying technique. Below, you’ll find a series of steps to help you set your own CPA Exam Study Plan!
Step 1: Set your CPA Exam goal time. You…

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For the future CPA: Top TEN things to squeeze in before graduation!

With cap-and-gown season quickly approaching, complete these ten steps to make sure you’re ready for it!

1. Boost your final exam scores with our “…

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Our May Student of the Month!

We love hearing about our students' accomplishments and experiences after taking our course, with many going on to working their dream jobs and achieving wonderful things! Our Student of the Month Spotlight shows what our students are up to since PASSING (one or more parts of the CPA Exam) with Roger CPA Review!

Our MAY spotlight is on Natasha Goncharova. She…

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Wanted: 500 Volunteers to Take Multiple Choice Portion of a Practice BEC Exam


Once again, Roger CPA Review’s very own, Craig Cuthbert, CPA provides information on the latest and greatest opportunities for CPA Exam Candidates…

Attention CPA Exam Candidates: The AICPA is offering an excellent opportunity to put your CPA Exam knowledge to practice, and we don’t think you should pass it up!



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Updates to the International CPA Exam

Attention readers! Amid so much chatter about the Uniform CPA Exam going international, at Roger CPA Review, we’re here to streamline the heaps of information and keep you tuned in to the latest industry changes and updates!



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CPA Game Plan

I'm more writing this for myself than anything, but here's my CPA game plan.


Starting July 1st for the FAR exam. Since FAR is the one I'm most worried about I've given myself 13 weeks to study.

Here's how I plan to break down studying:

Weeks 1-8

1. Study Yaeger videos and Wiley text

2. Do portion of the MCQ


Time will be spent Monday - 4 hours (5-7pm, 8-10pm), Wednesday (5-7pm, 9-10pm), Saturday (9am-12pm or something like that),…


Added by Andrea Polo Lozano on May 15, 2011 at 2:20pm — 2 Comments

BEC Written Communication

Who has experience with the written communication portion of this exam?

Added by FD Stewart on May 14, 2011 at 11:39am — 1 Comment

Can a CPA Exam Candidate Who Failed REG With a 71 Prepare for a Retake in Three Weeks? | via @Going_Concern

"Today’s CPA exam question from the mailbag has to do with a familiar topic to many of you: failure.

Hi Adrienne,

I slaved for an HOA audit firm and our busy season just officially ended. I found out last week that the very last day I can schedule to sit for REG is on 5/27 so that give me approximately 3 weeks to cram for the materials. I sat for that section in January and failed at…


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Now or Later: To Rewrite or Not to Rewrite

My notes are a complete mess. Definition and keywords in margins, tiny  handwritten formulas and scratch outs as far as thee eye can see. Its a good thing I'm keeping them all in the same notebook or they probably would be thrown around my office/toddler playroom by now. 

Part of my study plan was to watch the lectures take notes and review. I was going to rewrite my notes as…


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CPA EXAM NEWS - 05.03.2011



= TODAY 5/3 - Roger CPA Review | Your CPA Exam Plan

= Thursday 5/5 - Yaeger CPA Review | Let's Talk CPA Exam Radio Show




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