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What sections are you working on?

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Hey I'm really glad I found a forum of other CPA exam takers! I am living in Clarksville TN, and this is my main "job" right now.  I will be taking Oct. 10th and just reached bonds and stockholders equity and I feel like I'm having a hard time finding inspiration.  What do you all do to keep motivated?

To keep me honest, this is my plan for tomorrow. Let's hope I achieve it:

1 hour - copying NINJA notes

1 hour - listening to NINJA lectures

1.5 hours - 2 cumulative 30 question testlets and debrief

Remainder of day: review Becker homework on a weaker topic and quick re-read of lecture notes after doing intensive questions

Hello all:

I am living in Ft Lauderdale, FL and taking FAR on February 7th. I am almost done with F2 but was getting some low scores on the homework (60s). I plan on going back and review F2 because I think based on the amount of HW questions this is heavily tested on the exam.

working on government


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