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I am planning to sit for FAR in October, which review course do u all suggest in terms of all sections, is it Becker or Yaeger, and Yaeger and Wiley are the same review courses or two different courses?

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Hi Sowmya!  Yaeger and Wiley are two separate courses.  I decided to go with Roger CPA Review for all four.  The New Generation Course really fits my lifestyle and learning preferences best.  Because the books are electronic and on paper, I can study in a coffee shop without lugging 1800 pages with me, or use the paper version once my kids go to sleep and its easier on my tired eyes.  Plus, the video bookmarking feature will help me review the last week before the exams.  Check it out at and see if it would work for you.  Back to studying for FAR now...  good luck!

Thanks Niusha !!! 

Thanks Ankita, I felt Wiley suits my study habit, hence i have choosen that.


Go to Amazon and search for one of the Wiley books.  You can click the "Look Inside" link to see what some of the pages look like.  What information are you looking for to make your decision?


Ankita Jain said:

Can anyone plese scan a few pages on wileys and post it online. just wanna see how the material looks like


Hi Ankita,

I joined this group yesterday and I see a lot of people are using more than one source to prepare. I have enrolled in Becker's review course and I plan to sit for FAR in October. I also plan to use Wiley as it is always a good idea to get used to different question formats to minimize surprises on exam day.  




I know this question just mentions Becker and Yaeger, but I’m currently using Roger CPA review (, and I think it’s great. His lectures are comprehensive and entertaining, and he offers a ton of MCs, simulations, and practice exams. I would recommend this program to anyone studying for the CPA exam. Happy studying!


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