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What sections are you working on?

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Is this check in for REG or BEC?

It's for BEC, thanks Jeannie, I fixed it!  ;-)

I really do like this feature! It keeps me accountable.
Checking in - Mcqs on a Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium
Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium mcqs 83%, last grade 67% :)
Checking out - Calling it a night

Oh great Jeannie, glad you like it...keep at it!!

Late check in - Costs of Production mcqs
Checking out - Costs of Production mcqs 83%, last grade was the same. Only lasted an hr but it is better than nothing.
Super late check in. Mcqs on Aggregate Demand and Business Cycles
Aggregate Demand and Business Cycles 83%, last grade 92%
Checking in - on deck mcqs on Economic Measures and Policy


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