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statistical sampling and reports

Professional Responsibilities & Ethics

Hope the studying is going great Beverly and Jeannie!  Keep at it!  In case you would like to refer to the stream of prior check-ins from the comment wall, you can find them here.

Did 24 out of 119 mcqs on Professional Responsibilities & Ethics so far grade is 67%. Piece mealing this so going to write notes on wrong mcqs.
On mcq 48 of 119 on Professional Responsibilities grade is 77% so far
On mcqs 72 of 119 on Professional Responsibilities grade is 76% so far
Finished writing notes and will finish the rest of the mcqs in the morning.

Audit evidence

Checking in. Finishing up mcqs on Professional Responsibilities.
Heading out to do errands. Mcq 96 out of 119 have 80% so far.
Professional Responsibilities & Ethics Wiley Test Bank 82%
Late check in. Starting Internal Control.



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