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I am from Austin!  Live downtown and work up north by Lakeline blvd. 

Ankita Jain said:

anyone from austin?

Wali Syed said:

I am taking FAR on the 29 of July. I am finishing up chapter five, 5 more to go and review. I could not understand Dollar Value LIFO... no clue.

Thanks for you help Rob, I appreciate it.

Got through with 2 hours of FAR tonight.

Hi Everyone:

I'm in Phoenix and plan have my FAR exam scheduled for August 29.  I'm studying with Yaeger and have three chapters left to go.  This week is Derivatives and Hedging.  EEK!!  

I'm not super confident with the content of FAR yet, but I'm just praying the things I don't understand won't be on my test:)  My goal is to get through the remaining chapters by the end of July and then do full content studying with practice tests/simulations the month of August.

I'm excited to be part of this study group!  Donna

Just looked at the flashcards and found there is a set for the exact thing I'm struggling with at the moment.  Derivatives/Hedging:)  They are great!!  Thanks!!

CPA Exam Club said:

New flashcard sets added:

= CPA 2014 FAR Chapter 9 (120 flashcards)
= FAR: Leases (11 flashcards)
= FAR: Pensions (19 flashcards)
(must be signed in at CPA Exam to join/view/use)

That's great Donna! So great to hear the flashcards helped you out ;-)

@Donna I don't know what I'd do without flashcards!

Continuing with Accounting Changes today! Also, just got a response from my state's Board of Accountancy today. Getting there with registration.

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AICPA Released Questions (FAR)

2014 AICPA Disclosed Questions - Financial Gleim (23 pages) "The following pages contain all of the new multiple-choice questions released by the AICPA in 2014.  Our editors have added correct and incorrect answer explanations and renumbered and…
8 minutes ago

I do.  part time studying with full time work is killing me.  I need some motivation!!
Mary Ellen Smith said:

I am planning on taking FAR in late August.  It is a struggle getting people to understand that I REALLY need quiet time when trying to study.  I am not one who can read the material once and get it the first time through.  I need quiet time to be able to focus.  Anyone else struggling with this?

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this study group. I am at philly and will take FAR at early August.  I already did the Becker Review once but never felt like I am ready to the actual test.  On top all the full time work as an auditor, I need some motivation and courage.  

Good luck to everyone!

The more I study the more I realize how much I don't know!  Ugh!  I am determined to do what it takes to get this test behind me!


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